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Dear Mom,How long are we going to babysit Mika?XOXO Poppy Dear Poppy,Two weeks. You have a pal to hang with! Of course, the cats aren’t thrilled. Mika needs to stop barking at them. But she’s already getting better about that. Love, Carolyn Dear Mom,Mika says she is the senior dog. So, I’m supposed to let […]

Moving Parts

Dear Mom,The best thing about babysitting Mika is going on walks together. So why are you taking us out separately?XOXO Poppy Dear Poppy,I know you and Mika like to go out together, but it’s just too much hassle.Love, Carolyn Dear Mom,We’re a hassle?????XOXO Poppy Dear Poppy,Not you, just the experience. Love, Carolyn Dear Mom,We thought it […]


Dear Mom,Your daughter’s dog Mika is SO MUCH FUN!!!!!!!!XOXO Poppy Dear Poppy,It was nice to have her here while we babysat her. A bit chaotic, but fun.Love, Carolyn Dear Mom,The cats were a little upset. XOXO Poppy Dear Poppy,A little? More than a little. They were very upset about it. They didn’t realize that Mika was barking because […]

The Instigator

Dear Alpha Mommy, I love it when Mika comes to our house!!!!! XOXO Poppy   Dear Poppy, I know you do. She’s a lot of fun. Love, Carolyn   Dear Alpha Mommy, Why doesn’t she stay forever? XOXO Poppy   Dear Poppy, She’s just here for a short visit. We are babysitting her for my […]

Tiny Tina

Dear Alpha Mom, Tiny Tina wants to know when she’s going to class. What class is that? Your Best Dog, Molly   Dearest Molly, Tina models for my after-school art class. I let the kids draw an actual live model. Who just happens to be a bantam hen. Love, Carolyn   Dear Alpha Mom, I […]

The Visitor

Memo to: Molly, Poppy, Mia and Puffin From: The Management My daughter’s dog Mika will be visiting us for two weeks. I hope you will all make this a good experience for her while we babysit her.   Cher Madame, Cette Mika, quelle horreur! We pauvre cats must spend les deux weeks frightened and threatened. […]


Dear Alpha Mom, Why are there chicks living inside our house? Your Best Dog, Molly   Dearest Molly, They’re babies. They have to be indoors for six weeks. When they are old enough they will join the flock in the coop. Love, Carolyn   Dear Alpha Mom, I never knew that babies could be so […]