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Month: April, 2023


Hey Mom,Sup!Winston Hey Winston,Sup? Not much, Buddy.Love, Carolyn Mom,What?????????Winston Dear Winston,You said “Sup!” That’s so cute. Love, Carolyn Mom,What’s so cute?Winston Dear Winston,You saying “Sup!” Love, Carolyn Hey Mom,It is? Well, okay, sup!Winston Dear Winston,Like I said, not much.Love, Carolyn Mom,Not much of what?Winston Dear Winston,You asked what’s up. Love, Carolyn Mom,I did?Winston Dear Winston,You did. Love, Carolyn Mom,I […]

Mix Up

Dear Mom,I didn’t know that dogs could have birthday parties!!!!!!!XOXO Poppy Dear Poppy,That was fun, wasn’t it? Four of our neighbor’s dogs with their people, gathered to celebrate Spencer’s birthday. He’s a very popular dog.Love, Carolyn Dear Mom,There were Pupcakes!!!!!!!XOXO Poppy Dear Poppy,Those were cute! And you all got along so well. I was glad […]


Dear Puffin,I thought you’d be glad to see us, now that we are home from our weekend away. But you are so frosty! Poppy is still jumping up and down with excitement, Winston races around saying “You came back!!!!!” and you, Puffin, you barely raised your head to look at the front door, and then […]

The Oven Mitt

Dear Winston,What a bunch of yahoos you all are.Carolyn Hey Mom,Cool!!!!!! We are?Winston Dear Winston,Yes! This morning you all exploded and went berserk when the UPS man dropped a box on the porch and waved through the window. You three went into to full “WE’RE ALL GONNA DIE” mode.Carolyn Mom,It was startling!!!!!! So exciting!!!!! And […]