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Month: October, 2018


Dear Puffin, Yesterday when Poppy and I got home from our walk, it was after five, and Monsieur had already fed you two, but he said you wouldn’t eat. What’s up with that? Love, Carolyn   Cher Madame, Monsieur broke le protocol. Regards, M. Le Poufin   Dear Puffin, He did not! He told me […]

Origin Stories

Dear Alpha Mommy, Mia says we are all Rescues. XOXO Poppy   Dear Poppy, Yes indeed! All three of you are! Love, Carolyn   Dear Alpha Mommy, Why did we need to be rescued? XOXO Poppy   Dear Poppy, It’s a different Origin Story for each of you. You were found racing around a little […]

Five o’Clock!

Dear Mia, I wish you would all calm down in the afternoons. Yesterday you were all over me when I walked in the door. And it wasn’t even five o’clock. Love, Carolyn   Dear Mommy, It was close! We knew it was close!!!! Love, Mia   Dear Mia, I could see that. You and Puffin […]