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Month: December, 2015

Merry Merriment!

Dear Mommy, I love holidays! The decorations, the visitors, the cookies, the cheese and crackers! Love, Mia   Dear Mia, You’re not supposed to be eating the snacks. Love, Carolyn   Dear Mommy, I know, but I do anyway. Don’t worry, I don’t eat the chocolate ones. Chocolate is bad for cats. Love, Mia   […]

The Vase

Cher Madame, Attention! Regardez ici, c’est un grand mess for Madame to attend to. Regards, M. Le Poufin   Puffin! You broke my vase! Carolyn   Cher Madame, Le vase, c’est important? Cette pile of trash? Regards, M. Le Poufin   Puffin, It’s trash now, but it was lovely! And, by the way, it was French. […]

The Human Species

Dear Alpha Mom, I have to say I really don’t understand your species. Your Best Dog, Molly   Dearest Molly, You’ve said that before. I’m afraid none of us do. What is it you were wondering about this time? Love, Carolyn   Dear Alpha Mom, About a horrifying item on NPR. Your Best Dog, Molly […]


Dear Mommy, I need your help. I need to get an agent. Love, Mia   Dear Mia, Is this so you can get into funny cat videos? Love, Carolyn   Dear Mommy, Yes! But not just funny videos. Any cat can knock over a Christmas Tree. I want to make serious cat videos. Love, Mia […]