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Month: December, 2020

Deck the Halls!

Dear Mom,It’s Christmas?????????XOXO Poppy Dear Poppy,Yes! I thought you knew that.Love, Carolyn Dear Mom,But where is everyone?XOXO Poppy Dear Poppy,It’s just us this year. You and the cats and me and Dad.Love, Carolyn Dear Mom,But where is your daughter? And her dog Mika? They always come for the holidays!XOXO Poppy Dear Poppy,Not this year, sweetie. […]


Dear Puffin,When you come to tell me it’s dinner time, you forget that I have a watch.Love, Carolyn Cher Madame,Surely there is a point here that Madame would like to make?Regards, M. Le Poufin Dear Puffin,Of course I have one. My point is I know what time it is. And I know that you are […]

Quilt Shark

Hey Mom,Puffin says I have the most names.Winston Dear Winston,The most names? Do you mean nicknames?Love, Carolyn Hey Mom,I guess. He says you have more names for me than you have for him or for Poppy.Winston Dear Winston,He may have a point there. We do have a lot of nicknames for you. Sometimes I call you Junior. […]


Dear Poppy,I wish we could do something about your barking.Love, Carolyn Dear Mom,Do something?XOXO Poppy Dear Poppy,Maybe do a little less.Love, Carolyn Dear Mom,Now I’m confused.XOXO Poppy Dear Poppy,I’m sorry. But your barking has become a problem. I have to ask you to stop barking at everything.Love, Carolyn Dear Mom,I don’t bark at everything! There are […]