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Month: February, 2017


Dear Mia, Maybe you should stop calling everyone names. I’ve been getting complaints. Love, Carolyn   Dear Mommy, I’m just being sassy. Besides, you call us names. You call us your Poodles. Love, Mia   Dear Mia, I do. Sorry. It’s meant lovingly. Love, Carolyn   Dear Mommy, But seriously? Poodles? Please. I am NOT […]

The Killer Stare

Dear Puffin, I read recently that adult cats only vocalize to their kittens and to humans, but not to each other. Is that true? Love, Carolyn   Cher Madame, C’est vrais. We have no need for that. Moi, I can make Mia jump up et run away just by providing my Killer Stare. Voilà, she […]

Be Mine

Dear Alpha Mommy, Mia says this box is full of treats! XOXO Poppy   Dear Poppy, It is, honey, but I’m sorry, it’s not for you. Love, Carolyn   Dear Alpha Mommy, It’s for Mia? XOXO Poppy   Dear Poppy, No, not for either of you. It’s chocolate, and that would make you both very […]

Light Effects Redux

InterSpecies Memos has been running weekly for two years now! To celebrate this anniversary, Mia wants to share one of her favorite posts from the past, back when Molly was still with us and Poppy had not yet arrived:     Memo to: Molly, Puffin and Mia From: Carolyn Ok which of you clowns knocked over the […]