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Month: May, 2017


Dear Alpha Mommy, Am I a Working Dog? XOXO Poppy   Dear Poppy, Why do you ask? Love, Carolyn   Dear Alpha Mommy, Puffin said I’m not a Working Dog. XOXO Poppy   Dear Poppy, Okay, I’ve told you not to pay attention to what the cats say. Love, Carolyn   Dear Alpha Mommy, Well, […]

Plein Air

Dear Mommy, I’m so excited, I’m going to try a new kind of art!!!!!! Love, Mia   Dear Mia, Is that why you have my watercolors? Love, Carolyn   Dear Mommy, Yes! And I’m going to do some plain paintings. Love, Mia   Dear Mia, And by “plain” you mean…? Love, Carolyn   Dear Mommy, […]


Dear Puffin, You look a bit grumpy this morning. Is something bothering you? Love, Carolyn   Cher Madame, Poppy says Sunday will be Mother’s Day and that it is especially to honor her. Regards, M. Le Poufin   Dear Puffin, She’s right about Sunday. It is Mother’s Day. But it’s not just for her. It’s […]

The Encounter

  Dear Alpha Mommy, This morning was so exciting!!!!!!! XOXO Poppy   Dear Poppy, Maybe a little too exciting. Love, Carolyn   Dear Alpha Mommy, That skunk was lurking in the bushes waiting for me!!!! But we showed him. XOXO Poppy   Dear Poppy, I think he was hoping we wouldn’t notice him. Love, Carolyn […]