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The Spy

Hey MomThe spy came back AGAIN last night!!!!!!! Winston Dear Winston,That’s our Louie. He’s been visiting us a lot lately.Love, Carolyn Mom,It’s so exciting!!!!!!!! He comes to the patio French doors and hollars at us through the window! So we’ll know he’s there!Winston Dear Winston,He does announce himself, doesn’t he!Love, Carolyn Mom,He is spying on us!!!!!!!Winston […]

Entry Level

Dear Winston,You are not really an entry level cat. Love, Carolyn Mom,You don’t always make any sense.Winston Dear Winston,I know. Sorry. I meant that if you were someone’s very first cat, they might not ever get another. A good entry level cat would be calm and affectionate. Living with you is like living with a very […]


Hey Mom,Dad says I’m a liquid cat! He says I can flow over anything!Winston Dear Winston,Sometimes it’s like you don’t have bones.Love, Carolyn Hey Mom,I can flow right over the edge of Poppy’s bed. And right under the sofa pillows.Winston Dear WinstonYou spread out flat under the bedspread.Love, Carolyn Hey Mom,I flow into all the […]


Dear Winston,I love it when you and Poppy promenade around the house together.Love, Carolyn Hey Mom,We what??????Winston Dear Winston,Promenade! You walk side-by-side together. In tight formation, shoulder to shoulder. I turn around and see you two following me like that, from room to room. Love, Carolyn Mom,Poppy is my pal.Winston Dear WinstonIt’s sweet that you love […]


Hey Mom,You told Puffin not to get his knickers in a knot. His knickers?????Winston Dear Winston,It’s just an expression. Knickers are pants.Love, Carolyn Mom,We don’t wear pants.Winston Dear Winston,I know, sweetie. I was just entertaining myself. Love, Carolyn Hey Mom,Yesterday you said Puffin is wearing his Holstein outfit. What does that even mean???????????Winston Dear Winston,Holsteins are […]

Hot Dot

Hey Mom,We have new games!!!!!!!!Winston Dear Winston,We do! I thought we needed some new ideas because Puffin seems bored with the old game.Love, Carolyn Hey Mom,He’s not bored with it. He just stops playing so he can go to Dad’s desk for a treat.Winston  Dear Winston,That’s become an every-evening tradition.Love, Carolyn Hey Mom,Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Winston Dear Winston,You […]

Feather Time

Hey Mom,Why doesn’t Puffin play the evening prey game anymore?Winston Dear Winston,I wish I knew. I think he got out of the habit when we went away for a few weeks. Love, Carolyn Hey Mom,Puffin still has some interest in playing! He bats at it. Kinda.Winston Dear Winston,He’s become an armchair player. Just lies back and swats […]

Evil Twin

Hey Winston,Why don’t you ever sit on the very top of the Cat Tree?Love, Carolyn Hey Mom,Puffin says that was Mia’s perch.Winston Dear Winston,No one else can go up there?Love, Carolyn Hey Mom,No!!!! Only Mia.Winston   Dear Winston,Do you know who Mia was?Love, Carolyn Hey Mom,I know all about her!!!!! Everyone talks about Mia. I’m her […]


Hey Mom,Puffin makes such a big deal about his game!Winston Dear Winston,He certainly does. He takes it very seriously.Love, Carolyn Hey Mom,I don’t play his game!Winston Dear Winston,No, I notice you hang back and watch. You play the spectator.Love, Carolyn Hey Mom,He doesn’t want anyone to horn in. Winston Dear Winston,No, he’d probably leave in a […]


Hey Mom,Sup!Winston Hey Winston,Sup? Not much, Buddy.Love, Carolyn Mom,What?????????Winston Dear Winston,You said “Sup!” That’s so cute. Love, Carolyn Mom,What’s so cute?Winston Dear Winston,You saying “Sup!” Love, Carolyn Hey Mom,It is? Well, okay, sup!Winston Dear Winston,Like I said, not much.Love, Carolyn Mom,Not much of what?Winston Dear Winston,You asked what’s up. Love, Carolyn Mom,I did?Winston Dear Winston,You did. Love, Carolyn Mom,I […]