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Evil Twin

Hey Winston,Why don’t you ever sit on the very top of the Cat Tree?Love, Carolyn Hey Mom,Puffin says that was Mia’s perch.Winston Dear Winston,No one else can go up there?Love, Carolyn Hey Mom,No!!!! Only Mia.Winston   Dear Winston,Do you know who Mia was?Love, Carolyn Hey Mom,I know all about her!!!!! Everyone talks about Mia. I’m her […]


Hey Mom,Puffin makes such a big deal about his game!Winston Dear Winston,He certainly does. He takes it very seriously.Love, Carolyn Hey Mom,I don’t play his game!Winston Dear Winston,No, I notice you hang back and watch. You play the spectator.Love, Carolyn Hey Mom,He doesn’t want anyone to horn in. Winston Dear Winston,No, he’d probably leave in a […]


Hey Mom,Sup!Winston Hey Winston,Sup? Not much, Buddy.Love, Carolyn Mom,What?????????Winston Dear Winston,You said “Sup!” That’s so cute. Love, Carolyn Mom,What’s so cute?Winston Dear Winston,You saying “Sup!” Love, Carolyn Hey Mom,It is? Well, okay, sup!Winston Dear Winston,Like I said, not much.Love, Carolyn Mom,Not much of what?Winston Dear Winston,You asked what’s up. Love, Carolyn Mom,I did?Winston Dear Winston,You did. Love, Carolyn Mom,I […]

The Oven Mitt

Dear Winston,What a bunch of yahoos you all are.Carolyn Hey Mom,Cool!!!!!! We are?Winston Dear Winston,Yes! This morning you all exploded and went berserk when the UPS man dropped a box on the porch and waved through the window. You three went into to full “WE’RE ALL GONNA DIE” mode.Carolyn Mom,It was startling!!!!!! So exciting!!!!! And […]

Hip Hop

Hey Winston,I don’t know how you survive from day to day.Love, Carolyn Mom,???????Winston Dear Winston,What’s that nasty sore between your shoulders? I sent a picture to the vet and he said it looks like an abrasion, and if it starts swelling to bring you in. An abrasion? How the heck did you get that? Love, Carolyn […]


Dear Winston,How’s it going with Puffin?Love, Carolyn Hey Mom,It’s going GREAT!!!!!!!Winston Dear Winston,Great? Does he think so? The two of you are getting along ok?Love, Carolyn Hey Mom,We are! We play Gotcha! And Whack and Run! And Me Chase You Chase! It’s so much fun. Especially Me Chase You Chase!!!!!Winston Dear Winston,Is that when you chase him out of […]

The Blue Hour

Hey Mom,Sometimes you drool when you sleep.Winston Dear Winston,Thanks so much for pointing that out.Love, Carolyn Hey Mom,No problem! I prowl around and watch everyone. I like the early morning when the air is blue.Winston Dear Winston,That’s a beautiful time of day, isn’t it?Love, Carolyn Hey Mom,I don’t know about beautiful. I like it because […]


Hey Mom,So many scary noises!!!!!!!!!Winston Dear Winston,I saw you tear out of here when that thunder rolled overhead!Love, Carolyn Hey Mom,That was thunder? I thought the house was falling down! So, what’s thunder?Winston Dear Winston,It’s the sound a storm makes when it comes in and starts banging around.Love, Carolyn Hey Mom,Like you when you are […]


Hey Mom,What’s a Meezer?Winston Dear Winston,It’s a nickname for Siamese cats. Siamese. Siameezer. Meezer. Get it?Love, Carolyn Hey Mom,And I’m a Meezer?Winston Dear Winston,You are indeed. You are a gorgeous, glossy, Seal Point Siamese cat. Love, Carolyn Hey Mom,Puffin says I’ve inherited all the Meezer traditions from Mia.Winston Dear Winston,I guess you did. Mia was another […]


Hey MomYou got home late last night.Winston Dear Winston,We did, didn’t we?Love, Carolyn Hey MomYou never get home late!Winston Dear Winston,Not in a while. I hope Puffin didn’t start in on the predator story.Love, Carolyn Hey MomThe one where you and Dad are late because predators caught and ate you?Winston Dear Winston,That’s the one.Love, Carolyn Hey MomPuffin […]