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Dear Winston,I’m so glad to have you back home again. Three days without you seemed like such a long time. We missed you!Love, Carolyn Mom,It was horrible! They hooked me up with tubes! And stuck me with needles! Look at my front leg – they shaved it!!!! Though actually, that looks kinda cool.Winston Dear Winston,You […]


Dear Winston,That’s quite an entrance you just made.Love, Carolyn Mom,I’m doing Zoomies!!!!!!!Winston Dear Winston,I love it when you make a sliding entrance, like Tom Cruise in Risky Business. All you’re missing are the white socks and air guitar. But you have the attitude.Love, Carolyn Hey Mom,I don’t know what you are talking about.Winston Dear Winston,I […]


Mom,WHERE IS DAD?????Winston Dear Winston,In Alaska!Love, Carolyn Mom,Alaska?????? Why???????Winston Dear Winston,He’s fishing! He’ll come home with a pile of salmon!Love, Carolyn Mom,Can’t he find any salmon here?Winston Dear Winston,Not like the salmon he finds in Alaska. There he gets to stand in a freezing river, in the cold and rain, to snag his salmon. Something […]


Dear Winston,How did you get hold of that police tape? Did you get into the trash again?Love, Carolyn Hey Mom,It was sticking out! Winston Dear Winston,I guess that makes it fair game then. Seems appropriate that it ended up in your paws. Of all of us, you are the most likely to result in a police […]

A Sinister Visitor

Hey Mom,What are we supposed to do with this thing?Winston Dear Winston,It’s a toy!Love, Carolyn Hey,We’re supposed to play with it?Winston Dear Winston,Yes, play with it! I don’t know why you and Puffin keep looking at it so suspiciously. Love, Carolyn Hey,It’s just weird.Winston Dear Winston,The ads on TV show cats going wild over this toy.Love, […]


Hey Mom,Poppy says we’re on different teams.Winston Dear Winston,She’s referring to the differences between cats and dogs. We had a talk about that recently.Love, Carolyn Hey Mom,Are we?Winston Dear Winston,Are you what?Love, Carolyn Hey Mom,On different teams?Winston Dear Winston,Sometimes. In this household the team thing is fluid.Love, Carolyn Hey Mom,So which team am I on?Winston […]

The Keyboard

Hey Mom,Poppy and I heard that there are cat videos on this thing. Where are they?Winston Dear Winston,I’ll play them for you. I don’t want you meddling with my laptop.Love, Carolyn Hey Mom,You yell when I step on the keyboard.Winston Dear Winston,You noticed.Love, Carolyn Hey Mom,You don’t yell every time. Sometimes you smile.Winston Dear Winston,That’s […]


Mom,You left us.Winston Dear Winston,I know, but not for long, sweetie.Love, Carolyn Hey Mom,It was a long long long long time. We were abandoned.Winston Dear Winston,No, you weren’t. You were well taken care of by Cathie.Love, Carolyn Hey Mom,She’s ok, but it wasn’t the same. But I have a plan for next time. I’m just […]


Dear Winston,I think this stretch is your signature look.Love, Carolyn Hey Mom,I’m stretching because it feels so good!!!!!!!!Winston Dear Winston,I can see that. I’ve just never known a cat who did anything quite like that on a regular basis. You strike that pose a lot. Usually when you are playing and excited.Love, Carolyn Hey Mom,I […]

Spring Break

Hey Mom,I’m all excited! I want to go to the party!Winston Dear Winston,First of all, do you even know what a party is? You’re a pandemic kitten. Lockdown is all you know. You’ve never even seen a party.Love, Carolyn Hey Mom,It’s like when I race around the house out of control!!!!!!!!!Winston Dear Winston,That certainly is […]