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The Crow

Mom!WHAT WAS THAT??????!!!!!!!Winston Dear Winston,Maybe you could give me some context.Love, Carolyn MomContext?????????????????Winston Dear Winston,What did it look like? Love, Carolyn Mom,It was HUGE!!!Winston Dear Winston,That’s a start. Where did you see it?Love, Carolyn Mom,It was sitting right on our patio wall!!!!!Winston Dear Winston,Was it another cat?Love, Carolyn MomNo!!! It was a bird!!! It was HUGE!!!!! […]


Dear Winston,The sofa pillows were apparently having a good time last night.Love, Carolyn Hey Mom!They were???? That’s so cool! How do you know?Winston Dear Winston,The cushions were all over the floor.Love, Carolyn Mom,They were having fun???? I didn’t know they even liked it!!!!!Winston Dear Winston,I think you were the one having fun.Love, Carolyn Mom,I was! It was […]

Screen Time

Hey Mom,I love the cats that live in your laptop!Winston Dear Winston,They are fun to watch, aren’t they! Love, Carolyn Mom! Zoomies! So many cats doing zoomies!Winston Dear Winston,The Bordernerd kitten posts are adorable, and she has a Border Collie who is like a nanny to those kittens.Love, Carolyn Hey Mom,That lady has so many kittens!!!!!!! Running all over the place!!!! Winston […]

The Poodle Song

Hey Mom,We love it when you sing to us!!!!!Winston Dear Winston,I know you do! Poppy smiles and you two cats sit right up to listen. And you like it when I hold you on my shoulder and dance a bit while I sing.Love, Carolyn Hey Mom,One of the songs is all about me. The Hey […]

Cat Therapy

Hey Mom,Puffin says I have a job to do. For you and Dad. Winston Dear Winston, A job? Do you remember what this job entailed? Love, Carolyn Dear Mom,No tail involved at all. Something about lap time. And it involves peeing. But I told him that you were very particular about where we pee. Definitely not on […]

Roof Cats

Hey Mom,The TV news guy was talking about Lizard Warnings!!!!!!!Winston Dear Winston,No, honey, that was blizzard warnings.Love, Carolyn Hey Mom,I’m pretty sure he said lizards. Do they swarm over houses? I want to catch a lizard!!!!!!!Winston Dear Winston,There were no lizard warnings. This is like the time when you heard my friend say she had […]

Moving Parts

Hey Mom,I was just getting used to the Visitor Dogs when they left!Winston Dear Winston,I know you were. It was good to see. I’m glad that, even though you were spooked sometimes, you didn’t run away from them, because that would surely have made them chase you, and you’d never get used to each other!Love, […]

Shiny Toys!

Hey Mom!You’ve put out so many shiny toys for me!!!!!Winston Dear Winston,Those aren’t toys, sweetie. That bowl of ornaments is part of our holiday decor. And you’re not supposed to even be on that table.Love, Carolyn Mom,But they ARE toys!!!! They roll when I tap them. Winston Dear Winston,Please leave them in the bowl!Carolyn Hey Mom,They […]

Crazy Boy

Hey Mom,Sing my song again!!!!!Winston Dear Winston,Your song?Love, Carolyn Hey Mom,The song you sing that is all about ME!!!!! Winston Dear Winston,Ah, the crazy boy song from West Side Story. It IS about you!Love, Carolyn Mom, I love it when you sing it.Winston Dear Winston,I like it too. The words are perfect for you.           Hey boy, crazy boy!            Get […]

The Spy

Hey MomThe spy came back AGAIN last night!!!!!!! Winston Dear Winston,That’s our Louie. He’s been visiting us a lot lately.Love, Carolyn Mom,It’s so exciting!!!!!!!! He comes to the patio French doors and hollars at us through the window! So we’ll know he’s there!Winston Dear Winston,He does announce himself, doesn’t he!Love, Carolyn Mom,He is spying on us!!!!!!!Winston […]