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Hey Mom,So many scary noises!!!!!!!!!Winston Dear Winston,I saw you tear out of here when that thunder rolled overhead!Love, Carolyn Hey Mom,That was thunder? I thought the house was falling down! So, what’s thunder?Winston Dear Winston,It’s the sound a storm makes when it comes in and starts banging around.Love, Carolyn Hey Mom,Like you when you are […]


Hey Mom,What’s a Meezer?Winston Dear Winston,It’s a nickname for Siamese cats. Siamese. Siameezer. Meezer. Get it?Love, Carolyn Hey Mom,And I’m a Meezer?Winston Dear Winston,You are indeed. You are a gorgeous, glossy, Seal Point Siamese cat. Love, Carolyn Hey Mom,Puffin says I’ve inherited all the Meezer traditions from Mia.Winston Dear Winston,I guess you did. Mia was another […]


Hey MomYou got home late last night.Winston Dear Winston,We did, didn’t we?Love, Carolyn Hey MomYou never get home late!Winston Dear Winston,Not in a while. I hope Puffin didn’t start in on the predator story.Love, Carolyn Hey MomThe one where you and Dad are late because predators caught and ate you?Winston Dear Winston,That’s the one.Love, Carolyn Hey MomPuffin […]


Hey Mom,I’m an alien!!!!!!!Winston Dear Winston,You’re a cat, honey.Love, Carolyn Hey Mom,Not the outer space kind of alien!Winston Dear Winston,What kind then?Love, Carolyn Hey Mom,I’m an ALIEN INVASIVE SPECIES!!!!!!!Winston Dear Winston,You’re a cat, honey. And cats have been part of the landscape for quite a while. Love, Carolyn Hey Mom,Cats were domesticated about 10,000 years ago […]


Hey Mom,I love our new game!!!!!!!!!!Winston Dear Winston,What game is that?Love, Carolyn Hey Mom,You know the one! We played it last night!!!!!!!!!Winston  Dear Winston,We did? And what did this game entail?Love, Carolyn Mom,Not my tail! My paws!Winston Dear Winston,That narrows it down. And we played this game last night?Love, Carolyn Hey Mom,We did. When you […]

The Boss

Hey Mom,Puffin thinks he’s the Big Boss Guy, but I’m taller!Winston Dear Winston,You are indeed, but he’s got you beat on girth.Love, Carolyn Hey Mom,Still, he can’t always boss me around. I like to whack at his feet when he jumps past me onto the sofa. That gets him all bothered.Winston Dear Winston,I notice you […]

The Appetizer

Hey Mom,What’s a puma?Winston Dear Winston,Pumas are mountain lions. Love, Carolyn Hey Mom,I’M A LION?????????Winston Dear Winston,No sweetie, you are not a lion.Love, Carolyn Mom,But you call me your Resident Puma!Winston Dear Winston,We call you that as a term of endearment. Love, Carolyn Hey Mom,But I look like one, right?Winston Dear Winston,You have the small head and […]


Winston,When you are in a crazy mood like this, why do you always grab my hand and bite me?Carolyn Hey Mom,Not always.Winston Dear Winston,Well, okay, when I reach out to pet you. You instantly wrap around my hand with claws and teeth. Not hard, but just the same, annoying.Love, Carolyn Hey Mom,That’s because your hand […]

Bird Watching

Hey Mom,So many birds!!!!!Winston Dear Winston,The bird feeder is busy today! Love, Carolyn Hey Mom,It’s a party out there! And the little grey bird with the party hat is the boss of the feeder!!!!Winston Dear Winston,That’s the Titmouse. You’re right, he thinks he owns the feeder. And his crest does look like a hat.Love, Carolyn Hey Mom,A […]


Dear Winston,How did you ever get so spooky?Love, Carolyn Mom,I’m spooky?Winston Dear Winston,You jump up at the slightest sound.Love, Carolyn Hey Mom,Sounds are very sudden!!!!!! And it’s so much fun to race around like I’m terrified!!!!!!Winston Dear Winston,Sometimes I don’t even know what you are spooking about. This morning you were up on the cat […]