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Hey Mom,I’m hungry.Winston Dear Winston,I just fed you.Love, Carolyn Hey Mom,I’m still hungry.Winston Dear Winston,I appreciate it when you tell me you are hungry, with your voice, instead of acting out with biting and scratching. Hunger turns you into such a vicious beast! Anyway, I just fed you. Again.Love, Carolyn Hey Mom,I’m hungry.Winston Dear Winston,You don’t have […]


Hey Mom,Why were you and Dad up so late last night?Winston Dear Winston,We were celebrating the New Year!Love, Carolyn Hey Mom,But it was a night like any other.Winston Dear Winston,No, it wasn’t, sweetie. It truly wasn’t. It was the end of 2020.Love, Carolyn Hey Mom,That’s why you both kept clinking your glasses together and saying […]

Quilt Shark

Hey Mom,Puffin says I have the most names.Winston Dear Winston,The most names? Do you mean nicknames?Love, Carolyn Hey Mom,I guess. He says you have more names for me than you have for him or for Poppy.Winston Dear Winston,He may have a point there. We do have a lot of nicknames for you. Sometimes I call you Junior. […]


Hey Mom,Puffin says I’m disfigured. With a spot.Winston Dear Winston,You’re not disfigured, sweetie. But the spot does make you unique. There isn’t another Meezer with a mark like that.Love, Carolyn Mom,I can’t see it, so I’m pretty sure there is no spot. Winston Dear Winston,You can’t see it because it’s behind you, on your shoulder. Right […]


Dear Mom,The cats have been making me crazy.XOXO Poppy Dear Poppy,I know. You get very excited when they play. They race around, you follow them barking, and this place becomes a madhouse.Love, Carolyn Dear Mom,You call the cats The Loud Boys. XOXO Poppy Dear Poppy,They are loud indeed. I don’t know how a pair of animals […]

Masking Up

Hey Mom,What is all the talk about masks? I already have one!Winston Dear Winston,You do! You have a Meezer Mask.  Love, Carolyn Dear Mom,What’s a Meezer Mask?Winston Dear Winston,Meezer is a nickname for Siamese cats. Siamese cat markings include a face mask. So, you are all set for these times. This does seem to be the […]

Best Toy Ever

Dear Mom,Thank you for the new toy!!!!!!!!!Winston Dear Winston,Wait, you aren’t calling me Lady Mom anymore? Love, Carolyn Dear Mom,You are my only mom now. The others are my birth mom and my foster mom, but you are my true mom.Winston Dear Winston,That’s so sweet to hear! Thank you! Love, Carolyn Dear Mom,But seriously, the new toy […]


Hey Lady Mom,Where are my nitzels?Winston Dear Winston,Your nitzels? Love, Carolyn Dear Lady Mom,Puffin says my nitzels were nipped. He says I was noodled.Winston Dear Winston,Now I understand. Not noodled, by the way. You were neutered. But I like the word noodled. I know where Puffin got that. It came from a Brazilian friend of ours […]


Dear Lady Mom,This house has beds everywhere. Winston Dear Winston,I don’t know about everywhere. We have a couple of beds. I don’t think that’s unusual.Love, Carolyn Dear Lady Mom,There is Puffin’s favorite by the desk, the two cat beds on your bed, and the three cat beds in the living room. There’s Poppy’s bed in the living room, […]

The Newbie

Dear Lady Mom,Is it time to play?Winston Dear Winston,It’s always time to play! But why do you call me Lady Mom?Love, Carolyn Dear Lady Mom,I have lots of moms. First there was my cat mom, though I barely remember her. Then my foster mom who raised me. She is wonderful! You are my third mom. So, you need a […]