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Month: January, 2022

The Watch

Hey Winston,Look what I found? Your toys were under the sofa.Love, Carolyn Mom,You found them? That’s like magic!!! They’ve been there all this time?????? Winston Dear Winston,Of course they have been. That’s what happens when you knock them under the sofa. They stay there until I find them.Love, Carolyn Mom,How did you find them?????Winston Dear Winston,Actually, I was looking […]

Bad Words

Dear Mom,Puffin hissed at me again.XOXO Poppy Dear Poppy,He hisses at everyone, sweetie. Don’t take it personally.Love, Carolyn Dear Mom,He uses bad words. Really bad words. He tells everyone to “F— off!”XOXO Poppy Dear Poppy,Just ignore it. He’s a sweet guy most of the time. but he can be a grumpy old man when things […]


Dear Puffin,Good news! The vet says your blood work results came in and they show you are extremely healthy!Love, Carolyn Cher Madame,C’est horrifying. Blood work? C’est morbid.Regards, M. Le Poufin Dear Puffin,It’s just a medical expression, sweetie. They take a little bit of your blood to test for all kinds of things. The vet was pleased with […]

The Lampshade

Dear Winston,Someone bit my lamp.Carolyn Hey Mom,That’s crazy!!!!!Winston Dear Winston,That’s what I said. Carolyn Hey Mom,Who would bite a lamp???????Winston Dear Winston,Who indeed? Actually, it was the lampshade, not the lamp itself.Carolyn Hey Mom,Still crazy. I don’t think anyone would bite a lampshade.Winston Dear Winston,Think again. There are teeth marks on my lampshade. Two punctures, perfectly […]