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The Summer Solstice

Dear Mommy,Happy Summer Solstice!Love, Mia Dear Mia,Thank you! But how do you even know about that?Love, Carolyn Dear Mommy,I listen to the radio. To NPR. Just like you do. And I’m so excited!Love, Mia Dear Mia,Excited about the Solstice? Or the radio?Love, Carolyn Dear Mommy,About the presents!Love, Mia Dear Mia,What presents?Love, Carolyn Dear Mommy,The Summer […]

Due North

It’s our 4 Year Anniversary! Throughout the month of February we are celebrating four years of weekly Interspecies Memos by sharing some old favorites.This one is from March 7, 2014, with our now departed sweet dog Molly (read more about her here!) Dearest Molly, I heard on NPR that dogs face North when they poop. […]