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Hey Mom,Puffin makes such a big deal about his game!Winston Dear Winston,He certainly does. He takes it very seriously.Love, Carolyn Hey Mom,I don’t play his game!Winston Dear Winston,No, I notice you hang back and watch. You play the spectator.Love, Carolyn Hey Mom,He doesn’t want anyone to horn in. Winston Dear Winston,No, he’d probably leave in a […]


Dear Winston,How’s it going with Puffin?Love, Carolyn Hey Mom,It’s going GREAT!!!!!!!Winston Dear Winston,Great? Does he think so? The two of you are getting along ok?Love, Carolyn Hey Mom,We are! We play Gotcha! And Whack and Run! And Me Chase You Chase! It’s so much fun. Especially Me Chase You Chase!!!!!Winston Dear Winston,Is that when you chase him out of […]