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Dear Winston,How did you ever get so spooky?Love, Carolyn Mom,I’m spooky?Winston Dear Winston,You jump up at the slightest sound.Love, Carolyn Hey Mom,Sounds are very sudden!!!!!! And it’s so much fun to race around like I’m terrified!!!!!!Winston Dear Winston,Sometimes I don’t even know what you are spooking about. This morning you were up on the cat […]

Vacuum Drama

Dear Poppy,I appreciate your level head when I vacuum.Love, Carolyn Dear Mom,I really don’t like that thing.XOXO Poppy Dear Poppy,I know, but it’s impressive the way you stay calm, and quietly exit the room when the vacuum comes roaring in.Love, Carolyn Dear Mom,Puffin doesn’t keep calm about it. He says it is a dangerous machine. […]