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The Three Stooges

Dear Mom,Who are the Three Stooges?XOXO Poppy Dear Poppy,They were a so-called comedy group from years ago. Mostly slapstick pratfall comedy. I didn’t think they were very funny.Love, Carolyn Dear Mom,But you call us the Three Stooges!!!!!!!XOXO Poppy Dear Poppy,Ouf, you caught me out. That’s right, I do. But it’s not that I think the […]

Puff Enough

Cher Madame,It is not fair. The Poppy gets all the nicknames.Regards, M. Le Poufin Dear Puffin,Everyone gets nicknames around here. Love, Carolyn Cher Madame,The Poppy gets her own special nicknames. Poppers, Popsicle, Popchek, Even Honeypie.Regards, M. Le Poufin Dear Puffin,I call you Sweetie.Love, Carolyn Cher Madame,Ouf, Madame calls everyone sweetie. Everyone. And baby. And even honey. Mais il faut dire, […]

Quilt Shark

Hey Mom,Puffin says I have the most names.Winston Dear Winston,The most names? Do you mean nicknames?Love, Carolyn Hey Mom,I guess. He says you have more names for me than you have for him or for Poppy.Winston Dear Winston,He may have a point there. We do have a lot of nicknames for you. Sometimes I call you Junior. […]