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The Boss

Hey Mom,Puffin thinks he’s the Big Boss Guy, but I’m taller!Winston Dear Winston,You are indeed, but he’s got you beat on girth.Love, Carolyn Hey Mom,Still, he can’t always boss me around. I like to whack at his feet when he jumps past me onto the sofa. That gets him all bothered.Winston Dear Winston,I notice you […]

The Oing

Madame, La Blonde is still threatening us. Regards, M.Le Poufin   Dear Puffin, Her name is Poppy. And I think of her as more of a redhead. Love, Carolyn   Madame, Mia and I prefer to call her La Blonde. We are referring to her intellect. Regards, M.Le Poufin   Dear Puffin, There is nothing […]