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Bell Musician

Dear Mom,Am I supposed to do something with this thing?XOXO Poppy Dear Poppy,Yes! You can ring that bell when you want to go outside!Love, Carolyn Dear Mom,But I can just come to you, put my paw on your knee, and look up into your eyes to say I want to go outside.XOXO Poppy Dear Poppy,But […]

Social Maturity

Dear Mom,What is going on with the cats????????XOXO Poppy Dear Poppy,There’s always something going on with the cats. What are those boys up to now? Love, Carolyn Dear Mom,Yesterday they were chasing each other. Back and forth. Back and forth.XOXO Poppy Dear Poppy,That’s a new game, isn’t it! Their relationship seems to be going through a […]

On It!

Dear Poppy,I’ve been so annoyed by your barking, sweetie, and now I read an article about Spitz breeds and find out it is a feature of the German Spitz!Love, Carolyn Dear Mom,German Spitz? Is that me?XOXO Poppy Dear Poppy,It is indeed.Love, Carolyn Dear Mom,What does feature mean?XOXO Poppy Dear Poppy,It means they think it’s a good thing. […]

Important Words

Dear Mom,Every year you people talk about a new year, but then the year doesn’t feel new at all. They all feel the same. I don’t understand New Year’s.XOXO Poppy Dear Poppy,Don’t worry about it. Time rolls on, and “New Year’s” is really just words.Love, Carolyn Dear Mom,I know about words!!!!! XOXO Poppy Dear Poppy,I’m sure […]


Dear Mom,Where are all the people who were coming for Christmas Eve?XOXO Poppy Dear Poppy,Our plans got completely changed, sweetie. Life threw an epic wrench in the works. Between a medical emergency and a Covid case, our plans unraveled bit by bit. So, it turns out we’ll have a nice quiet Christmas Eve here together. […]

Assigned Beds

Dear Mom,Sometimes Winston sleeps in the Death Bed.XOXO Poppy Dear Poppy,There is no death bed, sweetie. Love, Carolyn Dear Mom,He sleeps in Mia’s bed. Puffin says that’s the Death Bed.XOXO Poppy Dear Poppy,No honey, there is no death bed. I thought we all settled that. Just because Mia died after she slept in that bed doesn’t […]


Dear Poppy,You seem to have real preferences about where to go on our walks.Love, Carolyn Dear Mom,Oh no, isn’t that okay?XOXO Poppy Dear Poppy,Of course it’s ok, sweetie. Don’t worry about it. I just notice, for instance, that there’s a corner we come to where I always want to turn right and you always pull […]

Trick or Treat!

Dear Mom,What is happening in our neighborhood!!!!!XOXO Poppy Dear Poppy,Nothing unusual, as far as I know. Is there something I should be aware of?Love, Carolyn Dear Mom,Molly warned me about this.XOXO Poppy Dear Poppy,She did? That’s never a good sign. About what?Love, Carolyn Dear Mom,Three things actually. For one thing she said that you were […]

Wild Dog

Dear Mom,I’m ready to go up on the Ridge now!!!!!XOXO Poppy Dear Poppy,The Ridge is up in the mountains, sweetie.Love, Carolyn Dear Mom,I know!!!!!!!!XOXO Poppy Dear Poppy,We can’t go today, we just got back from the cabin yesterday.Love, Carolyn Dear Mom,We can’t go today?XOXO Poppy Dear Poppy,No sweetie. It’s a four-hour drive.Love, Carolyn Dear Mom,I […]


Dear Mom,Why were you yelling at the TV?XOXO Poppy Dear Poppy,I wasn’t yelling. That was vocal exasperation. Love, Carolyn Dear Mom,You said you wanted to stab that man.XOXO Poppy Dear Poppy,I did. He has it coming.Love, Carolyn Dear Mom,That’s violent!XOXO Poppy Dear Poppy,Don’t worry, sweetie, I’m not really violent. I just get frustrated at the people in […]