Carolyn Holm

One Dog, Two Cats
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InterSpecies Memos

The Bird

Cher Madame,The evening visits with the magical bird are much appreciated.Regards, M. Le Poufin Dear Puffin,Ah, the feather wand. I like to wear Winston out before bedtime. Love, Carolyn Cher Madame,This bird game is for the Winston?Regards, M. Le Poufin Dear Puffin,Oh, it’s for you too. Definitely for you.Love, Carolyn Cher Madame,Sometimes when Monsieur plays the […]


Hey Lady Mom,Where are my nitzels?Winston Dear Winston,Your nitzels? Love, Carolyn Dear Lady Mom,Puffin says my nitzels were nipped. He says I was noodled.Winston Dear Winston,Now I understand. Not noodled, by the way. You were neutered. But I like the word noodled. I know where Puffin got that. It came from a Brazilian friend of ours […]


Dear Mom,The cone is coming OFF???????? XOXO Poppy Dear Poppy,I think so. I checked you, and you look okay. I have a call in to the vet to get the go-ahead to remove it.Love, Carolyn Dear Mom,It has been driving me crazy.XOXO Poppy Dear Poppy,It’s been driving me crazy too. Going for a walk has not […]


Cher Madame,This ruffian Winston, he wants my job. This cannot be allowed.Regards, M. Le Poufin Dear Puffin,Which job is this?Love, Carolyn Cher Madame,Which job?! Ouf. Must this pauvre cat explain everything to Madame? I am le Chat de Bureau.Regards, M. Le Poufin Dear Puffin,Office cat? You mean where you sit next to my laptop with […]

A Very Bad Day

Dear Poppy,I’m sorry. I really am. But you’ll need to keep that thing on for a while.Love, Carolyn Dear Poppy,I know you are unhappy, baby. Can you try to walk now? Love, Carolyn Dear Poppy,Maybe start with standing up. Love, Carolyn Dere Mm,I camf do arythng with ths hingon mh hdPoppy Dear Poppy,I know it’s hard, sweetie. […]


Dear Lady Mom,This house has beds everywhere. Winston Dear Winston,I don’t know about everywhere. We have a couple of beds. I don’t think that’s unusual.Love, Carolyn Dear Lady Mom,There is Puffin’s favorite by the desk, the two cat beds on your bed, and the three cat beds in the living room. There’s Poppy’s bed in the living room, […]


Cher Madame,The situation of the food is impossible.Regards, M. Le Poufin Dear Puffin,Are you referring to the new feeding system?Love, Carolyn Cher Madame,But of course. Mon dieu, a system? Why does Madame need a new system? Why does Madame need a system at all? The old dishes they worked very well.Regards, M. Le Poufin Dear […]


Dear Mom, Is Winston going to take ballet with us? XOXO Poppy Dear Poppy,I’m sure he will, but of course he won’t be as experienced as you are. He’s never taken a zoom class before. You know just where to lie to be part of it. On your back with one foot up.Love, Carolyn Dear Mom,You […]

The Newbie

Dear Lady Mom,Is it time to play?Winston Dear Winston,It’s always time to play! But why do you call me Lady Mom?Love, Carolyn Dear Lady Mom,I have lots of moms. First there was my cat mom, though I barely remember her. Then my foster mom who raised me. She is wonderful! You are my third mom. So, you need a […]


Cher Madame,The boxes they are coming every day. From the loud truck. The loud doorbell. The strange delivery people appearing on the porch. It is all de trop. Regards, M. Le Poufin Dear Puffin,Why are you so grumpy, sweetie? Is this kitten angst? Love, Carolyn Cher Madame,What does Madame imply? That another kitten will pop out of one of […]