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One Dog, Two Cats
Grand Ideas
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Dear Mommy, I’m thinking about all the things I’m thankful for. Love, Mia   Dear Mia, Getting a jump on Thanksgiving! Love, Carolyn   Dear Mommy, I am! I’m thankful that Puffin doesn’t like my cat tree. Love, Mia   Dear Mia, I don’t think having your cat tree all to yourself is really the […]

The Conversation

Dear Puffin You are not as noisy as you used to be. You used to make all kinds of noises in your sleep. Love, Carolyn   Cher Madame, Alors, these noises, to what does Madame refer? Regards, M. Le Poufin   Dear Puffin, Oh you used to grunt and moan and chirp and meow in […]


Dear Alpha Mommy, I’m glad you didn’t make me wear this costume for Halloween. XOXO Poppy   Dear Poppy, No, I could tell you really weren’t on board with it. Love, Carolyn   Dear Alpha Mommy, I didn’t like Halloween at all. XOXO Poppy   Dear Poppy, Why not? Love, Carolyn   Dear Alpha Mommy, […]


Dear Mommy, I don’t understand the point of plastic vegetables. Love, Mia   Dear Mia, Pumpkins are a symbol of Halloween. Love, Carolyn   Dear Mommy, Seriously? Humans are so lame. Love, Mia   Dear Mia, It’s a tradition, sweetie. Who knows where the idea came from. Love, Carolyn   Dear Mommy, I thought Halloween […]


Cher Madame, Je suis terrified. Monsieur says we will perish in le fire. C’est true? Regards, M. Le Poufin   Dear Puffin, We’re fine, sweetie. He didn’t exactly say that. But it’s true that we are concerned about wildfires. The last two weeks have been frightening. There have been terrible fires all over Northern California, […]


Dear Poppy, You were barking in your sleep again last night. Love, Carolyn   Dear Alpha Mommy, I barked in my sleep? Why don’t I know about this?????? XOXO Poppy   Dear Poppy, Because you were asleep when you were doing it, doofus. But it’s not like a real bark. It’s more of a series […]

The Sneeze

Dear Puffin, Why are you looking so worried? Love, Carolyn   Cher Madame, C’est vrai, is it true, Madame and Monsieur are going to divorce? Regards, M. Le Poufin   Dear Puffin, Of course not! Where on earth did you get this idea? Love, Carolyn   Cher Madame, Monsieur said this. Regards, M. Le Poufin […]


Dear Mommy, What are all these interesting boxes? Are there shoes in here? Love, Mia   Dear Mia, No, there are books in there. I’ve got way too many books, so I’m going to give a big pile of them to the library. Love, Carolyn   Dear Mommy, But the library already has books! Love, […]


  Dear Poppy, I left a surprise in your red toy. Love, Carolyn   Dear Mommy, PEANUT BUTTER!!!!!!! It’s peanut butter! I LOVE peanut butter!!!!!!! XOXO Poppy   Dear Poppy, I know you do. That should keep you busy for a while. Love, Carolyn   Dear Mommy, My tongue can barely reach it all! XOXO […]

The Hunter

Dear Puffin, You look like a real hunter! Love, Carolyn   Cher Madame, I am a real hunter. This catfish toy is my prey. Regards, M. Le Poufin   Dear Puffin, Of course it is. And it is excellent exercise. You are looking very svelte these days! Congratulations! Love, Carolyn   Cher Madame, Mon diet […]